(May 11, 2016)   

I am so grateful to Gary Leigh. His guidance has helped me to completely transform my life from being an overly sensitive, victimized, struggling empath, plagued by spiritual emergencies, to manifesting a reality filled with support, love, light, and most of all connection to Spirit. Since seeing Gary for support I have created a life where I feel supported by loved ones, where my voice is heard, my gifts are recognized, and I can live to my full potential, physically, energetically, creatively, and spiritually. I highly recommend Gary’s services. He has been a true catalyst for the evolution of my soul!!!

Rob M

(June 29, 2016) 

Gary is a life saver. He can help you understand why you are feeling the way you do and patiently help you come to accept the way that this world really operates. If you are under attack, he will protect you from harm and, when you’re ready, teach you how to develop that skill yourself.

I was suicidal and in a matter of a few short months, with Gary’s help, I am now more confident and full of joy than I’ve been in my entire life. We all have the power within us and Gary will figure out the best way to help you realize that.

His work is the real deal. It works.

Amy Patterson

(Nov 14, 2016)  

I am very grateful and honored to have talked with Gary. I feel enlightened and energetic after our conversation. Gary is very well informed and I believe he can help anyone who is wanting to get help. Please don’t hesitate to contact Gary to have a truly amazing experience.

Jennifer Harris

(Nov 14, 2016) 

I have had the amazing luck of knowing Gary for some years now. His is a true inspiration to not only myself but all those who he has worked with. Between the long talks and his recommendations of Bach flower remedies I feel much better and lighter. I am so thankful and grateful to have his help.


(Nov 15, 2016)  

I have never felt so alone and scared yet excited and part of something bigger…becoming a part of this community and having the new support of Gary, I feel more hope that this amazing soul journey will have some healing faster so I can go on to hopefully help others which is my dream…I’m appreciatI’ve of Gary using his gift to help so many. I’m excited to learn more of. Thank you

Beverly Bari

(Nov 18, 2016)

I am blessed to have met gary and all the friends I mat through this. I feel hope that things can finally be fixed and well this is part of the path I am meant to walk I would not be able to do it with out garys help. my issues and problems are mind boggling and he helped put them to rest 

Shannon Routledge

February 5 2017 (second testimonial)

I’m so grateful to Gary Leigh for creating this web page – it has become my fave “go to” page for Empath Support… 
Gary has generously and humbly shared so many of his experiences on his Facebook pages and his knowledge is incredible… 
I’m sure many of you have followed his “Experiences” posts and I hope you’ve been paying close attention… Gary is who he says he is… Everything he’s relayed is absolute truth! I’ve been researching for 5 years and have met everyone from shamans to holographic kinetic healers to alien abductees and some of these people also know the REAL TRUTH and everything Gary speaks about lines up… I also know as I’m an Empath and have a past life Geb memory from my time in Atlantis… Here’s a HUGE tip guys- the people who know the TRUTH are always targeted/suppressed/blocked/attacked by the matrix controllers because they don’t want you waking up! The big names who get a clear path are being used and part of the game… 
I’m adding an article written by Gary about not fearing the dark… The info in this article is also TRUTH! We can wake up or stay asleep – the choice is yours ? 

Gary’s Facebook pages are: Empath Zone – The Empath Resource and Support Site AND Paranormal Discussion Group – Exchanging experiences and information 

Shannon Routledge

January 4 2017

2 years ago I discovered I’m an Empath. In search of what this meant and to connect with other Empaths, I came across Gary’s page “Empath Zone – The Empath Resource and Support Site” and more recently “Paranormal Discussion Group – Exchanging experiences and information .” I connected and related straight away with members’ stories and daily challenges of being blessed with this gift. I downloaded both of Gary’s books and totally divulged the information! “The Empath Guidebook” I really connected with. “I am the Phoenix” one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read and I often find myself thinking about parts of Gary’s story during the courses of my days!

The Paranormal Discussion Group quickly became my fave Facebook groups as I began to look forward to Gary’s entries on his experiences and his journey. It was due to this that Gary and I began to connect.

The past 12 months have been some of the most challenging of this incarnation!

About a month ago, I had hit the wall. I’d fallen into depression and total hopelessness. I’d given up on everything. I was in a dark place and I’d gone to Dr’s and psychologists whose response to my reaching out was to medicate me. I refused antidepressants as I know that this is not my answer. Just as I know suicide is not my answer.

Gary heard my soul call and reached out. And to this day I am still overwhelmed by his genuine kindness and generosity – but most of all, someone who saw my soul and totally got it!

Gary could see my total despair and understanding my current financial situation, offered me a 30 minute session to see if he could help and offer some relief.

Immediately he saw and felt the depth of the pain I was experiencing. He confirmed what another healer has told me, that I’m somewhat targeted by dark force entities to try and hinder and prohibit my spiritual growth. He saw that I had all but given up on everything and also the amount of trauma I’ve been through (and still experiencing). He knew that I have tormenting thoughts (negative feedback loop/obsessive thinking), as well as the deep guilt and low self esteem.

Gary is a very modest man I feel and is such a gifted healer. When we had our session, I’d lost all faith in humanity, and him not only “seeing” me but reaching out totally restored it! Due to my situation I’ve been in danger of shutting down my natural “empath” ways and this has helped me reconnect. Never in my life have I felt safe enough to let my guard down and to be “seen” at soul level by another human is beyond what I can describe!

Gary is a truly humble, gifted, generous and beautiful soul. He is the “real deal” in that he genuinely just wants to help people heal and reconnect to their power and divine true authentic self! I’ve never met someone so sincere and honest yet so intriguing (his Phoenix soul path) at the same time.

Gary also very generously has sent me some Bach Flower Remedies to help begin heal some of my trauma/guilt/low self esteem and help me with those tormenting thoughts.

All I can do right now is promise Gary that I will pay this forward and when I’m healed and helping others on their path, to do the same!
A sincere soul felt thank you Gary!




(Mar 18, 2017) 

I wanted to take a minute to recommend Gary Leigh (founder of this group) to anyone who is struggling with trauma, feeling stuck, feeling attacked, curious about spirituality in general or just wants to have a spiritual experience and connect more with who they really are. I reached out to Gary during a tough time in my life and he was able to make a positive impact on how I felt about myself and my life in general. He read my energy and other people in my life with 100% accuracy and was also able to send me healing that felt like a high with lasting effects. Not only that, but he has checked back and has offered support and healing several times since. I feel grateful to have encountered this soul on my path of healing and spiritual discovery. Thank you Gary!


(Nov 2, 2016) 

I had an emotional healing done with Gary. I have had huge trauma in my life, which started my awakening but the trauma just bogged me down. On speaking to Gary via Skype I was blown away by his knowledge, empathy and compassion. I felt a huge shift in my emotions while talking to Gary and was so mesmerized I had to take a few days to consolidate before I could give my testimonial. I have been deep in thought for a couple of days now and feel my trauma has lifted as well as my depression. I can’t thank Gary enough for what he has done in my life. The fee he charged was so little compared to what I gained from the session. Thank u Gary for your selflessness and for sharing your gifts to help others.