Do we need to earn the right to be loved?

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“I feel like I’m not worthy of being loved.”

Have you ever heard someone say this? Have you ever said it to yourself or to another?

This perception that you need to be worthy of love is more widespread than you might think.

It seems that many are of the belief that in order to receive love, be loved or find someone worthy of love; we, ourselves have to earn that right.

We have to prove we are worthy. We have to demonstrate, not only to ourselves and others, but to God, the universe, Source, or whatever you’ve chosen to call it, that you have earned the right to be loved.

And then there is the question: What constitute as being worthy in the first place?

Is there something we need to do? Lives we must save? Some mighty and great deed that we feel we are tasked with?

Are we even capable of such deeds?

Or is it that we should just be a good person, live our lives right and do all we can to make other people happy?

But none of the above is correct.

The truth is that we don’t have to do anything to be worthy or being loved.

Being loved is our birth right. It doesn’t matter who we are. It doesn’t matter what we do nor what we have done. It certainly doesn’t matter who or what we are being.

Everyone has the right to be loved by default.

Even demonic beings have that right.

And if they have that right, then so do you.

You do not have to do anything to deserve love.

You do not have to prove yourself as worthy because you are already worthy.

Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

The Great North American Solar Eclipse – The Aftermath.

Map of solar eclipse

I just happened to be around.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who has experienced a total solar eclipse in this lifetime. It was back in 1976 and in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Personally, I never expected to see another one, partial or otherwise, but circumstances had led me to Alabama in the USA where I happened to be staying with a dear friend.

And on August 21st of 2017, while we weren’t in the path of the total eclipse, we were close enough to experience most of it.

Another dear friend was in Oregon and in the path of totality and as she posted photos as the event began, I felt this overwhelming energy that I had not felt the likes of before.


Over the years, I’ve become much more sensitive to what is going on out there and this hit me like a tsunami wave sweeping over me.

The energy was a mixed bag. First there was the excitement and the joy that comes with such an experience. But I also sensed strong under currents.

Within a few hours, what began as exciting strong energy had dropped like a drug user coming down off an amazing high.

I could not sleep till 4:30 am that night.  The energy was just too strong. It was also unpleasant. It felt like I was in a void of sorts.

Many people reported feeling the same type of sensations.


The most worrying thing was, and I had been anticipating this, that it appeared that many of my friends and allies came under strong psychic attacks during the eclipse.

One had their credit card information stolen and used. Another was put into a coma like sleep that lasted almost four days (and she woke up with the mark of the Triquerta on her). Long standing plans were suddenly being disrupted and relationships were being threatened.

For me, watching it happen, it felt like the week from hell.

There were moments where things felt so bad that I wondered if we would recover. I had not felt this way for at least 15 years or more.

I knew something was going to happen. I did what I could to ward it off in the days leading up to the event. I expended all of my power to protecting and working to shift the energy.

I was also fully aware that groups such as covens and druids had traditionally used this energy in the past to strengthen their rituals and this eclipse had been no exception.

It’s now four days after the event and the energy has finally started to dissipate.

I think, what made this eclipse so much stronger than others was that it went through North America and most places got to experience it, adding to the strength of the  energy.

I write this entry for those who experienced the same thing or similar. To let them know that they are not crazy. What they felt was real.

All we can do is keep coming from a place of love when such things happen.

It’s all I can do.

Bach Flower’s Rescue Remedy ™- Why it may not work.

Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy

If it’s so amazing…

The most famous of the Bach Flower Remedies is called The Rescue Remedy ™. It’s what is mostly seen at health food stores and pharmacies.  As that name is trademarked, it is also referred to as the Five Flower Formula.

It’s also what many use as a benchmark for whether the remedies actually work or not.

Studies have been done on this product and the conclusions are generally that it is a placebo.

The problem with such studies is that those conducting the trials didn’t have a clue what they were doing.

Rescue Remedy is an emergency formula, so unless the circumstances are right, there simply would be no real benefit.

What does it actually do?

But why is this? In order to understand, let’s take a look at what makes up the Rescue Remedy ™.


Star of Bethlehem

This is one of the most important components of this mix. Ironically, it suffers because it’s part of it.

This is the remedy for clearing shock and trauma.  When taken on its own, it can work miracles. I’ve seen it cure clinical depression literally overnight.  The problem is, it must be taken by itself for the full effects to be felt.

In this mix it’s useful for when you’ve had an accident, a shock or bad news.

Rock Rose

This will stop or reduce fear and terror. It’s wonderful for panic attacks, which is why it will help when you’re freaking out over exams.

Its part in this mix is to help calm people who are in a terrible and stressful situation, like a loved one being hurt in a car accident.


This is the only remedy that actually heals what it sounds like: Impatience. Generally said to be for people who are quick thinkers or become irritable when others can’t keep up, it’s also for when you become angry with yourself for not being fast enough, good enough or deft enough to do something.

Its role in the mix is for calming people down when they are waiting for help to arrive, such as an ambulance.


For those who are dreamy or feeling spacey. It is said to help bring one back down to earth. It’s actually quite useful for when you feel ungrounded, because it helps pull you back into your body.

Its role in the Rescue Remedy is to help revive those who have fainted or fallen unconscious.

Cherry Plum

For fear of letting go. It’s when you hold your emotions so tightly within you, you become afraid of what will happen if you let them out. It’s actually the remedy for rage and bitterness expressed. (Willow can help with the internal feeling of bitterness.)

In the Rescue Remedy ™ mix, its use is for when someone is dangerously volatile, exploding or close to doing so.

In conclusion…

So now we understand what each remedy does and how they will help in emergency situations.

So taking it for something like anxiety or exhaustion will not do anything as they don’t directly address those issues.

Rescue Remedy ™ is an emergency formula and should be used as such. It should be kept in the glovebox of your car and in the first aid kit for times when there has been an accident, bad news or such.

If you are doing general healing, it is best to choose the specific remedy you need in order to gain maximum benefit.

The remedy mix limit is said to be seven but I feel even that is way too high. Four is optimum and only if those four addresses the specific situation in question.

You can find out more about Bach Flower Remedies in my free Empath Guidebook.

Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it.

Yin Yang

And now for a rant…

This is somewhat personal, but written for so many of those good people who offer to help others.

If you choose to take offense to this post, that can’t be helped and you are missing the point.

For a long time now, I’ve noticed a trend where if someone finds out that you have psychic abilities, they will expect you to give them a reading for free. If you’re a healer, they will ask for healing or a clearing. Maybe they want you to tell them how their relationship with someone they are interested in will work out or if it will happen.

Many expect you to drop everything you’re doing and respond. Rarely will they ever ask if you’re busy or if you even mind.

I’ve seen some people become offended, hostile and outrage if you tell them that if they want something deeper, some kind of exchange will need to take place. As most don’t have something they want to barter, money is often the most common option.

I might be a healer (and I know I am good at it) but that doesn’t mean I sit around all day waiting for people to ask me for help.

Yes, I’ve got some unique abilities (as many will attest to) but regardless of what people think, it takes energy and work to get results. I don’t do cold readings. I actually do the work that’s required to see what is going on and do what can be done to remove the issues.

What most don’t seem to get is that you’re not paying for my abilities; you are paying for my time and skills. I don’t actually charge for being able to heal someone or remove demonic beings or close portals. I charge for the time it takes to do so, the resources that are used and the decades of experience and knowledge that were hard gained and extremely rare.

For three decades I’ve helped hundreds of people for free. Few ever bothered to even say thanks though they had no issues in asking for more help when they needed it.

To those who feel self-entitled, I say move right along and see if someone else will do what I can do for free. To expect me to always be there answering questions, clearing attacks and recommending what you need to do is disrespectful of my time. It’s disrespectful of anyone’s time.

People’s skills aren’t free, you know?

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic and say: I hear you’re great with fixing cars. Fix mine for nothing. You wouldn’t ask a doctor to provide his services and medication for free.

Nothing is free. There must be some kind of exchange. In the case of spiritual healing, this is very important as I’ve found that those who do give something, anything , in return, benefit greatly. And to be fair, there are a few who do give in return, and that opens the door to receiving more even more healing back.

The exchange does not need to be money. It can be support, services, helping someone or even the intention of doing so.

Personally, I would love to do healing as my living, but current attitudes make that almost impossible, at least for genuinely gifted people. Ironically, people will spend hundreds of dollars on cold readers and scam artists who are extremely generic in what they do.

Personally, I never expect anything for free. I will always give back more than I take. I will always remember those who have helped me and show my gratitude. If you do me a favour, I will remember it for lifetimes.

If I’m working a full time day job to support myself, I will want my downtime, same as you.

The only exceptions are soul calls. If I am called to help someone, it will be free. I do this a lot and I do it gladly. I will tell you if I get the call.

Otherwise, please respect someone’s time and skills. Ask if it’s okay. Just don’t assume. The well only has so much in it and once it’s empty, it hurt the giver tremendously to keep on giving for free. If you feel you’ve benefited from help that’s been received, offer at least to make a donation. Don’t keep on asking and expecting them to keep on giving.

What is given freely is given freely, and I’ve provided an abundance of free resources for people to have the tools to help themselves and will continue to do so. I will gladly point you towards them. Otherwise, please respect mine and others time.

Thank you.


Just an additional comment….

I had posted this on my Facebook group and a lady called Shannon Maree Routledge said what I am trying to say in better way.
As an empath I do not do linear 3D time well and I’m not money motivated… I’m a soul call and Gary responded to me at a crucial point where I was in deep darkness and despair… I did not ask or expect, Gary was drawn for reasons we now know but I won’t go into here… His compassion and generosity saved my life that day 💙 if I had the gift that Gary has, I too would find myself in the same position, torn between understanding the importance of energy exchange yet my heart would win out knowing I could help alleviate another’s suffering… 
When we begin to understand energy, we understand consequences! When a healer who’s driven by compassion and love for humanity isn’t reciprocated via energy exchange, the healer suffers and becomes depleted and vulnerable to psychic attack to attempt to stop them from helping others…
However, there is a flip side that the people who expect, demand or feel entitled to free services, are unaware that when they receive “free” sessions, and do not reciprocate via energy exchange, there are also consequences that hurt the client as they are in the frequency of taking and that keeps their frequency low and open to psychic attacks and blocks growth and progress and most will use seemingly free sessions to also spiritually bypass as they jump from healer to healer from the ego wanting to hear what the ego wants and in the process creating more pain and destruction to the spirit…
Gary is not writing from a “poor me” perspective, when someone is a natural healer and giver, it’s hard to comprehend the taker-entitled mindset… When someone comprehends how energy works, it’s easy to see the damage that is being created via the “I want it for free” attitude…
Musicians have a gift that some people are happy to pay out $200 to attend a concert, a healer is no different, they have a gift and deserve the same for exchange of time and service… Gary is open to negotiation in extreme financial difficulties and his prices are MORE than reasonable compared to other healers websites I’ve researched with starting fees from $150 up depending on what service…
So next time you think “what’s in it for me?” maybe change your thinking to “how can I contribute and be of value here?” as I know most of you consider yourselves “light workers” who have chosen to be here at this time to assist planetary and humanities healing 💖💖
Okay, end of rant. 🙂

Bach Flower Remedies Suicide prevention mix

Thanks to Anneli Rufus

If you’re having suicidal thoughts, this is for you.

Suicidal tendencies can make life hell for all concerned. The emotional pain that one experiences is so intense that, unless you are actually experiencing it, you are not likely to understand just how serious it is.

If you are still talking about suicide, it means you’ve not got to the point where you have fatalistically made up your mind.

If you aren’t, and are close to working out the details, this is where you need to take note.

Those tormenting thoughts you are hearing in your mind, the ones that are telling you that you’re not worthy. The ones telling you that everyone would be better off without you.

Those visions you are getting of you throwing yourself off a bridge, under a train or something similar… those thoughts. They are not yours. 

They are coming from outside influences. They are coming from what one would class as either demonic beings or negative energies.

You might be targeted because you have a job to do that might help make the world a brighter place or it will benefit someone or something to have you removed.

But take it from me, those are not your thoughts. They are psychic attacks.

What is even more important is that even if you know better, you can still be very vulnerable to such influences. Especially if you’re carrying guilt, doubt or letting other people down.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been there and it’s hard. Very, very hard.

Bach Flower Mix

Help is at hand, though. I’ve found that a certain mix of Bach Flower Remedies can turn it all around.

They are:
White Chestnut: – This one is vital. This is the remedy for those tormenting thoughts that you can’t turn off.  It helps prevent and stop suicidal thoughts – Especially those that are playing on your fears and self-worth. In essence, it block those negative beings.

Willow: – Those on the edge are often in a victim mode.  They might feel bitter, resentful or simply feel that their situation is not fair and no one is able to understand. Willow is critical to stopping those feelings.

Pine:– Many who carry massive guilt can barely bear it. The pain can be so intense, and the sense that they should remove themselves from others and life is overwhelming. This remedy stops the guilt. There is a high chance that those who carry guilt don’t even know that they do. All they will experience is this unending emotional pain that they can’t seem to place.

Gorse: – When all feels hopeless and you don’t believe that anything is going to make a difference. This remedy restores hope.

Gentian:– The remedy for faith. The comforter. Taking it in a crisis will bring reassurance that everything will work out in the end.

Larch: – For those who suffer from a lack of self esteem.  It’s the remedy for when you simply do not feel worthy of being here or of other’s love.

Important information.

It’s important to note that you will get the best results by taking each remedy individually. If you mix them, it will dilute their healing power.

You also need to take them frequently.  I will take them every 30 seconds until relief is obtained. (For me, that is around two to five minutes).

It’s also important to understand that these remedies are vibrational in nature and hence, they do not interfere or react with any other medication you may be taking. They are safe, non toxic, non addictive, gentle and effective.

I don’t sell these remedies myself as I consider it a conflict of interest. I do recommend the HealingHerb brand as they are cheap, made to exact specifications and  are potent.

I buy all my remedies, no matter, where I am in the world, from Skylark Books in the UK as they are around the third of the price of other brands.

If you know someone who might benefit from this information, please pass it on. You might just save a life.

Thanks to Anneli Rufus for the feature image.