About me

My name is Gary.

I am an Empath, life coach, psychic,  emotional healer and author  among other things.

My main works have been about Empaths, Soul Calls, Bach Flower Remedies and giving people their power back to them along with the tools to use them.

I’ve been doing this work for a long time in this lifetime.

While I have put many resources out there on the net, this site is dedicated to the paranormal, astral and metaphysical side of life.

The purpose is to not only educate others about what is out there, but share my personal experiences and what is really going on.

Below are my main website and support groups.

Empath Social – Connecting Empaths and Psychics.
Psychic Empath Blog – Our blog for the Empath.
Empath and Psychic Support – Healing services for the Empath and Psychic.
Empath zone – The Empath Facebook resource and support site.
Empath Support and Psychic Secrets – Our YouTube Channel.
Facebook Paranormal Discussion Group  – Telling it like it is.